MGS 2017 D1 2017年11月14日星期二 Tuesday, 14 November 2017 制作方 Produced by 赞助方 Sponsored by T he MGS Enter- tainment Show celebrates its 5th an- niversary this week with the aim of intro- ducing visitors to the emerging technolo- gies that will play a leading role in Ma- cau’s future. Featuring a number of local and interna- tional tech companies exhibiting at MGS MGS presents the Macau of tomorrow MGS展示明日澳门 for the first time, the theme of this year’s exhibition is “Smart City – Innovation and Interactive,” which according to the Chairman of show or- ganizer MGEMA, Mr Jay Chun, “is meant to bring focus to the major changes in the way our economies and communities function. “The MGS Enter- tainment Show isn’t just about entertain- ment it’s about the way we live day to day,” he said. “Ma- cau has recently signed an agreement with Alibaba Cloud to upgrade pub- lic services like the medical and trans- portation systems. This affects everyone – residents and tour- ists, workers and stu- dents – so business- es need to coordinate their growth plans with the changes to the structure of the economy. “We’re also seeing robotics and biomet- rics and surveillance improving at a fast pace. When machine learning gets incor- porated into tangible products, we’re real- 澳 门娱乐展MGS 本周迎来五周 年志庆,旨在为访客 介绍未来将在澳门发 挥主导作用的新兴科 技。 今年展会的主题 为「智慧城市——创 新互动」,吸引了多 家本地及国际科技公 司首次参展。据展会 主办方澳门娱乐设备 厂商会会长陈捷先生 称,本届展会“意在 将焦点对准经济和社 区运转方式的重大改 变上”。 他说:“MGS 不 只限于娱乐,而是关 乎我们日常生活方式 的方方面面。澳门近 期与阿里云签署了一 项协议,以升级医疗 和运输系统等公共服 务。这无疑会影响到 每一个人,无论居民 还是游客,工人抑或 学生,因此企业需要 调整各自的发展计划 以适应经济结构的变 化。 “此外我们还看 到机器人、生物识别 技术及监控等领域亦 在突飞猛进地前进。 当机器学习被纳入这 些有形产品时,我们 与城市的互动方式将 真正有革新性的变 化。我们希望MGS能 高瞻远瞩,协助企业 及公众放眼未来。” ly going to be inter- acting with our cities differently. We want MGS to be forward looking and to help introduce businesses and the public to this future.”