MGS 2017 D2 2017年11月15日星期三 Wednesday, 15 November 2017 制作方 Produced by 赞助方 Sponsored by T he 2017 MGS En- tertainment Show kicked off in style on Tues- day with the opening cer- emony officially launching this year’s exhibition. Chairman of the Macau Gaming Equipment Man- ufacturers Association (MGEMA), Jay Chun, gave a welcoming address to the gathered crowd of MGS 2017 opens with a bang MGS 2017 盛大开幕 dignitaries, media and ex- hibitors including a num- ber of local and interna- tional tech companies. “This year’s MGS will have a new image,” he said. “We will be showcas- ing to the public high-tech technology such as cloud storage, how to promote creativity of business and Smart City, how security systems can be used in dif- ferent industries and how traditional industry can keep up with technology.” The opening ceremo- ny included the signing of a long-term partner- ship agreement between Mr Yang Jeong, Gener- al Manager of SIgnum Games, and Mr Chun with both parties having agreed to work closely to- gether in the online gam- ing segment. Guests of honorMr Jack- son Chang, President of the Macau Trade and Invest- ment Promotion Institute, and Mr Tai Kin Yip, Direc- tor of the Macao Economic Services Bureau, graced the event and took part in a ribbon cutting alongside other notable gaming in- dustry executives. Organized by the MGE- MA and UFI approved – MGS is celebrating its 5th anniversary in 2017. M GS 2017 于 星 期 二拉开帷幕,正式 启动今年的展会。 澳门娱乐设备厂商 会会长陈捷先生向众多贵 宾、媒体及参展商(包括 一些本地及国际科技公 司)做了欢迎致辞。 他说:“今年的MGS 将有一个崭新的面貌。我 们将向公众展示云存储等 高科技、如何激发企业和 智慧城市的创造力、如何 将安全系统应用于不同的 行业以及传统行业如何跟 上技术的发展。” 开幕盛典上,SIgnum Games 总 经 理 Yang Jeong 先生与陈捷先生 签署了长期合作协议,同 意在线上游戏领域紧密合 作。 特邀嘉宾澳门贸易 投资促进局局长张祖荣先 生、澳门经济局局长戴建 业先生与其他知名博彩业 高管一同出席了剪彩活 动。 由澳门娱乐设备厂商 会主办、经国际展览业协 会认证的MGS,于今年昂 首迈入了第五个年头。