MGS 2017 D3 2017年11月16日星期四 Thursday, 16 November 2017 制作方 Produced by 赞助方 Sponsored by T he MGS Sum- mit has enjoyed unparalleled reach in 2017 thanks to the introduction of a live webcast that has seen more than one million viewers tune in to see key speakers. Broadcast live for the very first time as MGS Summit reaching out to the world MGS高峰论坛走进全球观众视野 part of the MGS En- tertainment Show’s 5th anniversary cel- ebrations, the web- cast saw a massive 1.52 million people watch the opening summit session on Day 1 which featured DICJ Director Paulo Martins Chan, MGM China Executive Di- rector Pansy Ho and Sands China Presi- dent Wilfred Wong. Explaining the im- portance of the live webcast in boosting the MGS audience, Jay Chun – Chair- man of MGS organiz- er the Macau Gaming Equipment Manu- facturers Association (MGEMA), said, “In mainland China, live streaming is very popular now so we thought that was a good way to broad- cast our message to a much bigger audi- ence. To have 1.5 mil- lion people watching the conference on Tuesday is a very big thing for MGS. “It has also added a lot of extra value for our exhibitors and speakers.” Just as notable, Mr Chun says, has been the array of new technology debuting on the exhibition floor, with Hikvi- sion’s new facial rec- 2 017 年MGS 高 峰论坛有着无与 伦比的影响力,这要 归功于网络直播的引 入,逾百万观众观看 了演讲者的发言。 在展会创办五周 年之际,MGS 首次 引入现场直播。网络 直播中,有152 万观 众观看了高峰论坛的 首日演讲,嘉宾阵容 包括DICJ 局长陈达 夫、美高梅中国控股 有限公司执行董事何 超琼和金沙中国有限 公司总裁王英伟。 MGS 主办方澳 门娱乐设备厂商会会 长陈捷阐释了网络直 播对提升MGS 观众 人数的重要意义: “在中国内地,网络 直播如今非常受欢 迎,因此这是一个将 我们的信息传达给更 广大观众的很好的途 径。星期二有150 万 人观看我们的论坛, 对MGS 来说意义重 大。 “这也为我们的 参展商和演讲者增加 了很多额外价值。” 陈先生称,同样 值得关注的是,展会 现场有一系列新科技 首度亮相,海康威视 的新型面部识别技术 是其中一大亮点。 他说:“闭路电 视系统非常好。他 们的系统可以轻松 用于娱乐场,功能 非常强大。它可以 一次捕捉100 多张脸 孔,面部识别技术 非常出色。” ognition technology a standout. “The CCTV system is very good,” he said. “Their system can be used in casinos very easily and is very powerful. It catches more than 100 faces at a time so the facial recognition technolo- gy is excellent.”