2018 D1

www.mgsentertainmentshow.com 2018年11月13日星期二 Tuesday, 13 November 2018 制作方 Produced by 赞助方 Sponsored by A n increased fo- cus on techno- logical innovation at MGS Entertainment Show this year re- flects the growing importance of diver- sity among Macau’s integrated resorts, according to the head of the exhibi- MGS 2018 boosts technology focus MGS 2018 加重科技色彩 tion organizing com- mittee Jay Chun. “Technology is very important,” said Chun, who founded the Macau Gaming Equipment Manu- facturers Association in 2012. “It’s all about effi- ciency and you know a casino is just like a bank – security is vi- tal. It’s also import- ant for casinos to use technology as a mar- keting tool. Without technology there would be no market- ing intelligence, KYC. “That’s why we are more diversified too this year with more technology topics.” Chun pointed spe- cifically to artificial intelligence and eS- ports as key themes at MGS in 2018. “We will be looking at some of the AI prod- ucts,” he explained. “These days when you look at the new prod- ucts coming tomarket, a lot of them involve AI to help with marketing intelligence, marketing analysis – this kind of software will be com- ing to themarket. “For MGS Summit 2018 we have inter- national standard eSports and we also have manufacturers coming with new products launching this year. “We are more fo- 据 展会组委会主 席 陈 捷 先 生 称,本届 MGS 休闲 科技展加大了对科技 创新的关注,这反映 出澳门综合度假村多 元化发展日益提升的 重要性。 于2012年 创 立 了澳门娱乐设备厂商 会的陈捷先生称: “科技非常重要。 “科技与效率密 不可分。娱乐场就好 比一家银行——安全 性至关重要。并且, 娱乐场以科技为营销 工具也很重要。没有 科技,便无法获取营 销情报及了解客户。 “因此今年的 展会更加多元化,有 更多有关科技的主 题。” 陈捷先生特别指 出,人工智能和电子 竞技是2018 MGS 的 核心主题。 他解释道:“我 们将关注一些人工智 能产品。现如今,很 多新上市的产品都涉 及人工智能,以助力 营销情报的获取及 做营销分析——诸如 此类的软件将进入市 场。 “ 今 年 的MGS 高峰论坛,我们探讨 的内容将涉及国际水 准的电子竞技,亦会 邀请携新产品而来的 制造商。 “以往届相比, 我们更加关注科技元 素,因为我们将更多 焦点放在了综合度假 村,其内容不仅仅局 限于博彩,而是拥有 众多娱乐产品及非博 彩产品,更加多样 化。” cused on the tech- nology side than the traditional side like we used to be. The reason is that we are more focused on integrated resorts which are not just limited to gaming – they bring in lots of amusement prod- ucts and non-gaming products to provide diversification.”