MGSD D2 LR 2018年11月14日星期三 Wednesday, 14 November 2018 制作方 Produced by 赞助方 Sponsored by M acau has a l r e a d y achieved its short- term diversity goals, according to the di- rector of Macau’s gaming regulator, Paulo Martins Chan. Speaking on a pan- el at MGS Summit on Tuesday morning examining the law and supervision of DICJ satisfied with Macau’s diversity achievements DICJ对澳门的多元化发展成就表示满意 Macau’s gaming in- dustry, the DICJ di- rector pointed to the fact that the govern- ment’s initial goal as part of its Five-Year Development Plan from 2016 to 2020 had already been ex- ceeded beyond the 9% non-gaming tar- get, with non-gam- ing spend in Ma- cau now hovering around 12%. “If you read all the news you will know that we already met that target,” Chan said in response to questions on the is- sue. “For the devel- opment of non-gam- ing, we singled out the gaming indus- try and we hoped there would be some synergy there be- tween gaming and non-gaming.” A greater focus on the provision of non-gaming facili- ties has been a key directive to Macau’s concessionaires in re- lation to the opening of new Cotai IRs in recent years, however Chan suggested it was now up to the market rather than govern- ment to drive further diversification. “People may ask what measures the DICJ has taken to en- courage operators to introduce non-gam- ing,” he said. “Of course we had some encouragement mea- 澳 门博彩监察协 调 局(DICJ) 局长陈达夫表示,澳 门已经实现了多元化 发展的短期目标。 陈达夫局长于星 期二上午在MGS 高峰 论坛一场题为“澳门博 彩业的法律与监管” 的座谈会中指出,作 为2016 至2020 年五年 发展规划的一部分, 政府将初期目标定为 非博彩元素占据9%, 这一目标现已被超 越,非博彩花费目前 徘徊在12%左右。 陈局长在回答问 题时表示:“如果你 关注新闻,就会知道 我们已经达成了这一 目标。对于非博彩元 素的发展,我们挑选 了博彩业。我们希望 博彩与非博彩之间会 有一些协同效应。” 将更多焦点放在 非博彩设施的提供, 一直是近年来澳门博 彩企业在路氹修建全 新综合度假村时的重 要指示,但陈局长指 出,现在应该由市场 而非政府来推动进一 步多元化。 他说:“人们可 sures but I believe it is better to use the market as a guide for transformation rath- er than government, which is not as ef- fective as the market itself. “It’s better if there is a market change so the concessions themselves choose the path.” 能会问,DICJ 采取了 哪些措施来鼓励运营 商引入非博彩元素。 当然,我们采取了一 些鼓励措施,但我认 为,市场是更好的指 南,而非政府,政府 不如市场本身有效。 “最好是市场发 生变化,而由博彩企 业自己来选择发展路 径。”