MGS 2019 D1 2019年11月12日星期二 Tuesday, 12 November 2019 制作方 Produced by 赞助方 Sponsored by MGSWELCOMES THE FUTURE WITH 5G FOCUS IN 2019 澳门休闲科技展聚焦5G 迎接未来 D A Y 第一天 2 019 年澳门休闲科技展将通过 与澳门电讯运营商CTM 合作, 聚焦5G技术,迎接5G时代的到来。 观展公众可以在5G 体验中心 现场观摩5G 技术演示,并测试一 些潜在的应用程序。该技术已经被 整合到游戏行业的新产品开发中, 从而减少对固定线路的依赖,在技 术可能性方面开辟新的视野。 澳门娱乐设备厂商会会长陈 捷先生称:“众所周知,5G 技术的 发展将成为众多行业发展的有力 推动力。 “今年,我们与CTM 的合作使 休闲技术行业能够参与进来,利用 现场5G 网络和技术应用,朝着行 业发展及创新迈出重要一步。 “此外,为打造更加个性化的 体验,我们与CTM 共同建立了5G 体验馆,展示各项5G 应用程序,包 括采用5G 速度传输的VR 娱乐应 用程序和360 度高清视频传输等 等 。”澳门休闲科技展在澳门迈入 七周年之际,依旧创意不断。 W ith a nod to the future, MGS Entertainment Show will highlightthearrivalof5Gtechnology in 2019 via a unique partnership with Macau telecommunications operator CTM. Visitors to the exhibition floor will be able to enjoy a live showcasing of 5G technology and test some of its potential applications at the 5G Experience Center. The technology is already being incorporated into new product development within the gaming industry where it allows for a reduction in the dependence on fixed lines – opening a new horizon of technical possibilities. “As we all know, the development of 5G technology will be a powerful driver in the development and promotion of many industries,” said Mr Jay Chun, Chairman of the Macau Gaming Equipment Manufacturers Association. “This year, our collaboration with CTM enables the participation of the recreational technology industry to make use of the on-site 5G network and technology applications, and take a major step towards innovation and industrial development. “In addition, in order to create a personal experience for participants anticipating the charms of 5G, we and CTM have set up a special 5G Experiential Hall displaying various 5G applications – from VR entertainment apps employing 5G speed transmission to 360-degree HD video transmission.” MGS Entertainment Show continues to innovate as it celebrates seven years inMacau.