MGS 2019 D3 2019年11月14日星期四 Thursday, 14 November 2019 制作方 Produced by 赞助方 Sponsored by PAULOMARTINS CHAN SAYS MASS MARKET THE KEY TO MACAU’S GAMING FUTURE 陈达夫称大众市场是澳门博彩业未来的关键 D A Y 第三天 T he head of Macau’s gaming watchdog, Paulo Martins Chan, says the DICJ will continue to push for diversification of the local gaming industry in order to ensure a balanced market that appeals to the growing number of mass market visitors to the city. Chan’s comments on the progress of Macau’s most important industry sector were delivered during his Keynote Speech at MGS Summit this week, with the DICJ Director also expressing confidence that mass gaming will lead a recovery following a gradual slowdown in gross gaming revenues throughout 2019. “The mass market segment is starting to perform better [than VIP] which means it is becoming more stable,” he said. “We feel this provides good reason to feel optimistic about future prospects.” According to Chan, whose tenure as DICJ head was last week extended by a year to December 2020, one of the key initiatives of his department in the short-term will be upping the fight against illegal gambling operations while promoting responsible gambling 澳 门博彩监察协调局(DICJ)局 长陈达夫表示,DICJ 将继续 推动本地博彩业的多元化,以确保 市场均衡发展,从而吸引越来越多 的大众市场游客。 在本周举行的MGS 高峰论坛 做主题演讲时,陈先生对澳门最重 要的行业领域的发展进度发表了 评论。尽管2019 年澳门在博彩毛 收入方面有所放缓,但他表示有信 心大众市场将带动起一场复苏。 他说:“大众市场开始[比贵宾 市场]有更好的表现,这意味着它 正变得更加稳定。我们认为有充分 理由对未来前景感到乐观。” 陈达夫担任DICJ 局长的任 期于上周延长一年,至2020 年 12 月。据他称,博监局在短期内 的主要举措之一,将是加强打击 非法博彩活动的斗争,同时在澳 门娱乐场推广负责任博彩。 “我们放慢了博彩业的发展 步伐,以确保我们能够推广负责 任博彩。”他表示将“为游客创造 一个舒适的环境。” 澳门2019 年前10 个月的 博彩毛收入下滑1.8%。 in Macau’s casinos. “We have slowed down the development of gaming to ensure that we can promote responsible gaming,” Chan said during his speech, expressing the will to create “a comfortable environment for tourists.” Macau’s GGR is down 1.8% through the first 10 months of 2019.