Bigger, brighter, bolder

16 November 2017

DR Gaming Technology understands the importance of being able to reach out and communicate with players, whether that be for direct marketing messaging or simply the provision of much needed game play and points statements. As a result, the company has developed a range of options to best suit operators needs and budgets. drScreenDisplay, drScreenMicro, drScreenMini and the new drScreenUltra provide for an unprecedented player interface experience.

drScreenUltra is the biggest player tracking interface in gaming today. The new device offers vivid 1280 x 320 resolution and an amazing 8.8-inch multi-touch screen that incorporates a built-in RFID reader, allowing players to simply “Tap and Play’’ to start their gaming session. The solution operates in exactly the same manner and with the ease of use enjoyed currently when making a standard retail purchase with a credit card or mobile phone.

Operator benefits include web page elements like videos or banners that can be streamed directly to the device, screen resolution offering amazing picture and viewing quality, a solution that can be directly linked to social media networks like Twitter and Facebook and more.