MGS 2018 boosts technology focus

13 November 2018

An increased focus on techno logical innovation at MGS Entertainment Show this year reflects the growing importance of diversity among Macau’s integrated resorts, according to the head of the exhibition organizing committee Jay Chun.

“Technology is very important,” said Chun, who founded the Macau Gaming Equipment Manufacturers Association in 2012.

“It’s all about efficiency and you know a casino is just like a bank – security is vital. It’s also important for casinos to use technology as a marketing tool. Without technology there would be no marketing intelligence, KYC. “That’s why we are more diversified too this year with more technology topics.”

Chun pointed specifically to artificial intelligence and eSports as key themes at MGS in 2018.

“We will be looking at some of the AI products,” he explained. “These days when you look at the new products coming to market, a lot of them involve AI to help with marketing intelligence, marketing analysis – this kind of software will be coming to the market.

“For MGS Summit 2018 we have international standard eSports and we also have manufacturers coming with new products launching this year.

“We are more focused on the technology side than the traditional side like we used to be. The reason is that we are more focused on integrated resorts which are not just limited to gaming – they bring in lots of amusement products and non-gaming products to provide diversification.”