Good omens for Aristocrat

15 November 2018

Aristocrat’s booth at MGS grants the opportunity to try the latest addition to the company’s portfolio, Gold Stacks 88. Showcasing symbols linked to the Chinese “luck” iconography, the slot is aimed at mass and premium mass markets and will be ready to hit casino floors in three to four months.

Dragons, phoenix, the God of Fortune and the number 88 are just some of the images traditionally considered to be good omens in Chinese culture and have been used for the design of Gold Stacks 88. Those symbols, combined with the auspicious red color, are trump cards in engaging Chinese players and replicating the success achieved by Aristocrat’s VIP-focused Fa Fa Long, which is also showcased at the stand.

Lloyd Robson, Aristocrat Sales & Business Development Director Asia Pacific, remarked that Gold Stacks 88 is product of the company innovation efforts, as Aristocrat “invests significantly in design and development.

“In fact 11% of the company’s revenue goes back into innovation,” Robson said.