14 November 2017

Trade events such as MGS Entertainment Show tend to be both frantically busy and intriguingly exciting, with a plethora of new products on display that are likely to shape the future of the gaming industry.

This year’s theme, which delves into the realm of the “SmartCity,” is particularly fascinating given the increasingly important role technology plays in our everyday life.

How will that translate to the gaming industry? Will there arrive a day when human dealers are a thing of the past? What shape will non-gaming offerings take? What are the games of the future?

Those that imagine robot dealers will have ample opportunity at this year’s show to catch a glimpse into the future with both LT Game and China’s Qihan Technology Co Ltd showcasing humanoids that promise to not only change the game for players but potentially our future interactions in everyday life.

As for what other fascinating insights are on show this week? That’s what we’re all here to find out.

Ben Blaschke
Managing Editor