MGS presents the Macau of tomorrow

14 November 2017

The MGS Entertainment Show celebrates its 5th anniversary this week with the aim of introducing visitors to the emerging technologies that will play a leading role in Macau’s future.

Featuring a number of local and international tech companies exhibiting at MGS

for the first time, the theme of this year’s exhibition is “Smart City – Innovation and Interactive,” which according to the Chairman of show organizer MGEMA, Mr Jay Chun, “is meant to bring focus to the major changes in the way our economies and communities function.

“The MGS Entertainment Show isn’t just about entertainment it’s about the way we live day to day,” he said. “Macau has recently signed an agreement with Alibaba Cloud to upgrade public services like the medical and transportation systems. This affects everyone – residents and tourists, workers and students – so businesses need to coordinate their growth plans with the changes to the structure of the economy. “We’re also seeing robotics and biometrics and surveillance improving at a fast pace. When machine learning gets incorporated into tangible products, we’re really going to be interacting with our cities differently. We want MGS to be forward looking and to help introduce businesses and the public to this future.”