MGS continues to support Macau’s diversification

12 November 2019

The seventh rendition of MGS Entertainment Show kicked off on Tuesday with an array of dignitaries, including representatives of Macau’s six gaming concessionaires, attending the traditional Opening Ceremony. Jay Chun, Chairman of MGS organizer, the Macau Gaming Equipment Manufacturers Association, welcomed guests with a speech highlighting the role the event has played in supporting the local gaming and associated industries.

“We continue to sit at the heart of Macau’s diversification program and play a key role in promoting Macau’s economic development,” he said at a ceremony attended by various government representatives, including head of the DICJ Paulo Martins Chan. Mr Chan also gave a Keynote Speech shortly afterwards to open the MGS Summit.

In opening this year’s MGS Entertainment Show, Jay Chun noted that this year’s  event has a triple focus – gaming, technology and entertainment – “all under one roof, sharing the floor, sharing the success.”