Sina Summit presents tomorrow’s future today

12 November 2019

MGS Entertainment Show hosts the second edition of the Global Digital Entertainment Summit in 2019, which this year aims to provide some answers as to what the future of Macau’s gaming industry might hold.

Organized together with Sina Games Channel, the summit theme for 2019 is “Innovative Forces, Winning Abroad, Competing in the Future” and includes four major sections: “Transformation and Innovation of the 2019 Gaming Industry”; “Sina Asia eSports Industry”; “Sailing Scientifically, Survival and Challenges of Overseas Living” and “Future Development Trends of 5G Cloud Gaming.”

Jay Chun, head of MGS Entertainment Show, explained that the summit intends to “create a professional and authoritative communication platform for both the gaming and eSports industries, as well as assisting enterprises to export new technologies, skills and concepts.”