From the editor

14 November 2019

Yesterday at MGS Summit, we were treated to an update on the latest from Japan, where the race is now well and truly on between both candidate locations to host an integrated resort and operators jostling to develop them.

Efforts to increase awareness among the Japanese public about IRs also appear to be escalating, particularly as it relates to problem gambling and the measures IR operators across the globe employ to limit potential harm.

Yokohama, for example, will run 18 IR briefings for residents before the end of the year.

Yet, from what I can tell, it will be difficult to fully convey the grandeur and enormous array of entertainment and business offerings today’s best integrated resorts offer until the Japanese people see it with their own eyes. An example is the hotel industry.

Japan is a wonderful country to visit, yet even their very best hotels could learn a thing or two from the sheer luxury and elite service levels that have become the mainstay of cities like Macau.

This is Japan’s next big challenge and the key to elevating its tourism industry to the next level via IRs.

Ben Blaschke
Managing Editor