Targeted recruitment

14 November 2019

Companies today are fighting over talent globally. That’s why, in a world where the current job market is mostly candidate driven, EvolutionHR has changed the way it recruits.

One of the top priorities in every business is to develop and execute recruitment strategies to attract qualified talent to join the company. But what is the best recruitment strategy? How can you ensure that your recruitment activities engage different generations of candidates, like Millennials?

According to research, approximately 45% of the workforce is open to speak to a recruiter when presented with an interesting career opportunity. When your company works with a recruitment agency, not only does the cost of recruitment go down significantly, but the amount of interested and qualified applicants increases too. In addition, when you are working with a recruitment agency, you can tap into an existing candidate database, benefit from a recruiter’s extensive network, take advantage of targeted campaigns to attract the right group of candidates and shorten the recruitment cycle.

Please contact Jennifer Liao at [email protected] or Starr Xian at starr@evolution-hr. com to discuss how they can assist with your recruitment activities.